It has become very easy for hackers to find information about company executives, key customers and other stakeholders. CyberInt is aware that even though your company’s cybersecurity may be in good shape, your VIPs must be extra stringent with the data they handle, and have an extra eye looking out for them. This is where CyberInt’s VIP Digital Protection comes in. VIP Digital Protection knows where hackers tend to look for this information.

The information that your Executive Team deals with is the most sensitive and classified, and theft of this information could prove disastrous to your company. VIP Digital Protection’s top priority is to ensure that your sensitive and classified data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and remains exclusively accessible to your Executive Team. VIP Digital Protection protects this highly sensitive information, allowing your busy VIPs to focus on their mission critical business tasks.

How It Works

How It Works

Just as any elite bodyguard would, VIP Digital Protection starts off by understanding your company’s his VIP’s behavior patterns and habits, and formulates a plan for safeguarding their every move.

By tracking their online interactions and the threats targeting them on the cyber sphere, VIP Digital Protection is uniquely positioned to stop threats before they materialize. VIP Digital Protection safeguards your company VIPs from targeted attacks, competitive espionage, IP theft and many other threats.



VIP Digital Protection safeguards your VIPs, as they are by far the most lucrative targets of attackers. Competitive espionage, IP theft and intelligence gathering on your planned road map, mergers and acquisitions, are just some of the incentives cyber criminals have to go after your VIPs.



Uses Argos™, CyberInt’s CyberOPS team, and their dedicated tools to monitor and protect your VIPs from the cyber threats that target them.

Tracks the hackers within their communities and utilizes cutting-edge tools to identify intrusions into your VIPs’ accounts, and any compromise of their valuable data.


VIP Digital Protection protects your VIPs from the threats targeting them on the cyber sphere. Mitigating in real time any attempts of IP theft, ransomware, defaming, espionage and more.