Meet Branda, The Branding Expert.

Branda is CyberInt’s Digital Brand Protector. She safeguards all facets of your online presence and your branding; digital communication, social media accounts, websites, blogs, etc.

Branda identifies incidents of brand abuse, reputational damage or defaming, among other forms of attack on your brand.

As the Chief Marketer or Product Lead of your company, you invest heavily in creating a winning brand. You want to protect it from the various threats that lurk in the cyber realm and endanger your brand.

Should hacktivists access any of your digital communications or assets, they obtain a ripe breeding ground for your brand’s criticism, negative feedback, or for discrimination against your value proposition.

How It Works

How It Works

Branda maps out your entire digital footprint and digital activities. This includes your own digital assets (social media accounts, hashtags, websites, brands, domains and more) and other communities that talk about your brand or are in some way associated with your brand.

Branda then continuously analyzes millions of pieces of data and content in various forms to identify, in real-time, any risks that may impact your employees, prospects, and brands.

These are then automatically shared with you and your team, while Branda begins to take remedial action in the form of takedowns and additional investigations.



Branda looks for broken or malicious links (links that lead to phishing sites, spam sites or even sites that contain malware) on your social media accounts. When she identifies them, she’ll let you know about them before your customers do.

Branda listens into your communities to identify defaming chatter about your brand and protects your online assets against defacements.

Branda monitors your social media accounts to reveal spam pages that fraudulently represent your brand.



Branda provides you with real-time visibility into what your target audience think about you, to understand whether your brand is loved or hated. 

Branda uses our Argos Online Asset Protection platform to scan your company’s digital footprint. Branda works with our team of analysts to get an updated overview of your digital activities, producing alerts and reports for activities that may be threatening your digital brand and its assets.



While your online presence and digital assets may be great for marketing purposes, they may expose both your brand and customers to substantial risk. Gain real-time insight into the risks that may impact your employees, prospects, customers and brand.