Meet Cyber Spy Stiv.

Stiv looks beyond your perimeter, collects and analyzes real-time, targeted cyber threat intelligence, directly focused on your business.

Stiv is also aware that companies, like yours, may lack the resources required for dealing with threat intelligence. This is why Stiv uses our Argos platform to gather details of cyber activities  specific to your organization and industry. He tracks the threat actors, their current tools and capabilities, along with organized campaigns and the data which they’ve already extracted.

Stiv utilizes a team of cyber intelligence analysts who are experts in over 20 languages. Stiv and his analyst team give you the levels of strategic insights for long-term planning, and help you with the operational facets of getting real value from threat intelligence.

How It Works

How It Works

As a first step, Stiv engages with you and your key stakeholders to create an intelligence profile specific to your organization profile and assets.

Once defining an intelligence profile for your organization, Stiv starts to collect data from millions of sources, while continuously verifying the quality of the sources he uses. The collection process is automated by using CyberInt’s Argos Platform and is augmented by CyberInt’s expert intelligence analysts.

All the collected indicators are then passed on for deep analysis, employing a range of techniques to ensure the consistency, accuracy, and relevance of the information, resulting in very distilled and actionable threat intelligence indicators.

Lastly, the processed data is contextualized with a knowledge base of threat actors, tools, and techniques, before shared with your team for further action.



Stiv provides you with operational insights to threats in real time, including IOCs and contextual data on your current activities. Stiv and his cyber intelligence team utilize our Argos Cyber Intelligence Platform; a 10,000 strong entity database of threat actors and analysis tools. Stiv and his team also support by mitigating the threats — preventing them from materializing into events.



Stiv’s intelligence is contextual and actionable, so that you can react in real-time and be better prepared for attack. We call this proactive cybersecurity.

“The challenge we had was to monitor over 1600 digital assets and collect OSINT based actionable Threat Intelligence in real time. We selected CyberInt after several attempts of developing these capabilities in house. Today, CyberInt serve as our binoculars beyond the perimeter”


  • – Avraham Zarouk, Head of Cyber Security Unit,