Meet Paul, The Cyber Posture Physician.

Have you ever been asked: ‘Would attackers be able to reach your valuable data the way they did with JP Morgan or with Ashley Madison?’ 

Well, Paul is on the job to answer these very questions. Paul assesses your Cyber Posture on a continuous basis; testing your organization’s controls, employees’ awareness and your internal process for detection, prevention and response.

Working with his Red Team and our CybeReadiness Suite , Paul runs automated complex attack simulations on your business. And, like your local physician, Paul and his team identify potential weaknesses in your defenses from the attackers’ perspective and before your adversaries do.

How It Works

How It Works

Paul operates like an automated red team. He can runs several types of attacks in order to validate your organization’s awareness, efficiency, and maturity across all stages of the ‘Kill Chain’.  

With Paul’s help, you can orchestrate a multitude of attacks against your organization, to validate your resilience to them. Some of these include: Full APT, Stealth APT, Malware, Phishing, Spear Phishing, Espionage Attack, Data Theft Attack, Account Takeover, DDoS Attack.

By combining some of the above, Paul and his team can validate your resilience to many of the latest infamous cyber attacks. Testing your time to detection and response procedures to these attacks.




Knowing where your weaknesses are is key to dealing with the evolving threat landscape that targets you. Paul adopts a proactive approach in enhancing and improving your resilience to cyber attacks.

Paul’s insights allow you to mitigate potential threats before they become incidents. He is backed by our CyberOPS team, who make the cogwheels turn in the background and help you act upon the results of Paul’s work.



Paul continuously maps and analyzes your attack surface and allows you to orchestrate complex attack scenarios against your organization. He provides you with insight into your up-to-date cyber posture and on how you’ve been improving over time.


Gain unprecedented insight into your cyber resilience and into the attacker’s perspective on your defenses.

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