Meet Fraudy, our Cyber Fraud Protector.

Did you know? Cyber fraud can cost your company up to $4 billion per year.

But it’s not only the monetary damage that’s of concern: revenue loss ; increased customer support; brand dilution; PR crisis management, and so on.

Fraudy explicitly monitors the digital cyberspace for any fraudulent activity related to your brand,  products, or employees.

Fraudy outsmarts cyber fraudsters with a new way of thinking –redefining your fraud prevention strategy.

Fraudy makes sure that you know if and when you might become the next victim.

How It Works

How It Works

Fraudy builds a profile for your company that includes all your brands, product names and other phrases that are specifically associated with your business.

Once the profile is ready, Fraudy continuously scans the dark, deep, and open web — and analyzes millions of pieces of data to identify, in real time, any type of fraudulent activity that relates to your profile.

Once a fraud indication is flagged, Fraudy utilizes our team of analysts and fraud experts to investigate the incident and respond to it. This happens in the form of takedowns and reporting to the hosting platform (social media or web hosting) and even of working with your legal team on additional mitigation steps.



Fraudy grants companies visibility into attempts at fraud activity; scanning the open, dark, and deep web in real-time. Fraudy enables businesses to be proactive in their digital fraud detection; flagging incidents of fraud as they appear in the cyber space.

The type of fraudulent activities that Fraudy looks out for include: Secondary markets, fake coupons, scams, fake goods, fake representation of your brand and products, and much more.



Fraudy informs your organization preemptively, so that you know if and when cyber criminals and other adversaries target your business with fraudulent campaigns.

He uses our Argos™ platform, which scans the dark, deep, and open web to find any indications of fraudulent activities, and works closely with his team of analysts to respond to any of these occurrences.   

Fraudy keeps your business safe from online fraud campaigns that may cost your business millions!