Targeted Threat Intelligence

Targeted Threat Intelligence

Every day companies and organizations face the challenge of ever-evolving cyber criminals and threat actors, who become more sophisticated and more resilient to traditional perimeter-based security technologies. Under current targeted cyber threats, the most robust traditional security is unable to adequately protect an organization. Redefining your cybersecurity strategy is critical in today’s and tomorrow’s reality in order to outsmart threat actors.


Benefits of Targeted Threat Intelligence

Discovers vulnerabilities and threats to enable mitigation before they turn into incidents or breaches.

Detects phishing attempt and provides take downs per customer engagement.

Detects fraud such as refund scams, carding, and others.

Tracks “refund-as-a-service” providers

Why Argos™ Targeted Threat Intelligence?

Gathering targeted and actionable intelligence, Argos™ Targeted Threat Intelligence pools both technological and human resources to:


  • Generate real-time alerts of targeted attacks, data leakage and stolen credentials compromising your organization
  • Identify threat actors targeting you in real time and provide contextual data about them
  • Assess hundreds of sources of collected targeted data (feeds, IRC, Dark Web, blogs, social media, forums, and paste sites)
  • Automate a proven intelligence process
  • Analyze results, provide practical mitigation support
  • Utilize a strong entity database of threat actors and tools for attribution and to maximize context