My Digital Presence

Success in today’s business environment demands embracing digital transformation to maximize engagement with customers, increase customer touch points and extend trust zones. Increasingly, new technologies that enrich experience, convenience and personalization, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), voice and facial recognition, and augmented reality (AR) across multiple touchpoints, are becoming omnipresent. Customers are enjoying richer digital in-store experiences, seamless cashless and cardless checkout, AI-powered customer assistance and mobile app functionality. In addition, more and more data is becoming an asset and a value driver.

The greater the digital transformation, the more your online assets are exposed.

Whether you already have a broad digital presence or you’re in the process of transforming your business activities to keep in lockstep with the digitalizing world, every digital touch point with your employees, customers and partners is a potential cybersecurity risk.



The CyberInt Approach

We believe in taking a holistic and direct approach by first gaining clear visibility of your attack surface in order to control and reduce threats on an ongoing basis.

How does this play out?

Discovery: CyberInt provides full coverage of the organization’s digital presence, uncovering, scanning and mapping online assets and access points.

Automatic discovery of the digital assets and the ability to add periodical remapping of the dynamic digital presence

Identifying and categorizing critical assets

Recognizing new assets and assets no longer associated with the organization

Historical tracking of the digital presence

Management: Prioritization and action, with a focus on security awareness, and taking operational control over assets and issues - management, prioritization, validation and removal.

Ongoing scans for threats and vulnerabilities

Real-time issues for priority assets

Configurable scan summary per customer and per asset

Tracking issue lifecycles from detection to resolution

Historical snapshot of issue handling

Why CyberInt for My Digital Presence?

The My Digital Presence module leverages CyberInt’s expertise to enable companies to control their presence in the digital environment and act where and when needed.
Full automated discovery -> Prioritization -> Tracking and management in one place.

• Track and manage in one place – full lifecycle
• Automatically discover all your assets
• Prioritize top assets and vulnerabilities