CyberInt Retail Protection

For your customers, business and brand

The CyberInt Retail Protection solution addresses the needs of retailers and eCommerce companies, which have become the top targeted industry for their data. They have faced increasing vulnerabilities as a result of digitization, cloud adoption, and the multi-channel approach to satisfy customer expectations.

CyberInt Approach

• Understand your risk profile
• Gain visibility and monitor your digital presence
• Address your threats across your organizational and digital environments
• Understand your 3rd party-based risk
• Act holistically against fraud and cyber threats

By providing full visibility into the merchant’s digital environment and threat landscape, the solution helps to:

• Cover known threats by detecting phishing, compromised data, and fraud activities.
• Reduce attack surface
• Eliminate noise by delivering prioritized actionable alerts
• Deliver contextualized and enriched threat intelligence
• Reveal unknown unknowns: investigating retail-targeting campaigns and threat actors

The modular solution is based on the Argos™ digital risk protection platform, which includes targeted threat intelligence, third-party cyberscore, digital presence monitoring, and proactive threat hunting services.
It also includes the risk profiling scorecard developed and designed in collaboration with RH-ISAC.


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