Argos™ Threat Intelligence

As cyber criminals and hacktivists grow more sophisticated, perimeter-based security technologies are essentially fighting a losing battle. Even the most robust traditional security cannot adequately protect an organization from today’s targeted cyber threats. Only new thinking that redefines your cybersecurity strategy can outsmart the threat actors in the cyber war.



Gathering targeted and actionable intelligence, Argos pools both technological and human resources to:

  • Generate real-time incidents of targeted attacks, data leakage and stolen credentials compromising your organization
  • Identify threat actors targeting you in real time and provide contextual data about them
  • Access hundreds of sources (feeds, IRC, Darkweb, blogs, social media, forums, and paste sites) to collected targeted data
  • Automate a proven intelligence process
  • Analyze results with actionable recommendations
  • Utilize a 10,000 strong entity database of threat actors and tools for attribution and to maximize context

What Customers are Saying

“The challenge we had was to monitor over 1,600 digital assets and collecting OSINT based, actionable Threat Intelligence in real-time. We selected CyberInt’s Argos platform due to its robustness and source coverage, after several attempts of developing these capabilities in-house. Today Argos serves as our binoculars beyond the perimeter”

– Avraham Zarouk, Head of Cyber and Information Security Unit,