Argos Online Asset Protection Platform

Our online presence has changed substantially over the last decade. Our engagements with customers and users on social media; in our websites and on our blogs, are at an all-time high. While this change is great for business, the associated potential risks are substantial. As cyber criminals and hacktivists grow more sophisticated, they utilize these assets as an attack vector into our organizations.
Once an online asset has been compromised, your response time (and damage incurred) is measurable in seconds. Your social media accounts, blogs, and websites have emerged as the digital front lines of the 21st century.

You're Exposed

Your Online Assets Are Exposed

The Argos™ Online Asset Protection platform scans your digital footprint to produce alerts and reports for malicious activities. These include: defacements, spamming, malware drop-off, links to phishing sites, account takeover, and more. Once a malicious activity is identified, alerts are disseminated automatically for immediate mitigation, or in some cases, mitigated automatically.



  • Scan your online assets regularly – social media networks, web properties, blogs, DNS records, and IP Blacklists
  • Mimic user behavior, using browser sandboxing capabilities preventing defacements
  • Take mitigating action in real-time
  • Protect your brand and stakeholders


While most breaches are discovered days or even months after the fact, Argos enables you to:

  • Detect compromised online assets and respond in real time
  • Monitor online assets from one central location
  • React to malicious activity in real time
  • Protect your employees, users and followers

Protect every online asset that lies beyond the perimeter — from sudden and unexpected defacements and phishing attempts, to other malicious activities. Argos™ Online Asset Protection enables comprehensive and continuous monitoring, enabling a timely and effective response to any malicious activity before it compromises your assets.