Argos™ Online Asset Protection Platform

The past decade has seen a massive shift in online interactions. Organizations are now engaging with customers and users on social media, websites and blogs more than ever. While this change is great for business, the associated potential risks are substantial. As cyber criminals and hacktivists grow more sophisticated, they don’t hesitate to utilize these assets as an attack portal into our organizations.
Once an online asset has been compromised, your response time (and damage incurred) is measurable within seconds. Social media accounts, blogs, and websites have emerged as the digital cyber war front lines of the 21st century.

Your Online Assets Are Exposed

The Argos™ Online Asset Protection platform scans your digital footprint to produce alerts and reports on malicious activities. These include: defacements, spamming, malware drop-off, links to phishing sites, account takeover, and more. Once a malicious activity is identified, alerts are disseminated automatically for immediate mitigation, or in some cases, mitigated automatically.




The Collection

Argos™ Online Asset Protection platform continuously protects the following assets:

IP addresses – Blacklisting, Botnet, Command and control, exploitable open ports
Website – Vulnerable jScript (3rd party code), Vulnerable jScript libraries, New/Changes jScripts, Malicious jScripts, Defacements, Phishing and brand abuse
Domains – Missing and mis-configured SPF records
Social Media –  Broken Links, Defacement, Malicious comments, Negative content, Community pages monitoring (brand misuse), privacy and setting governance

As part of our response services, we provide our customers with both automated and semi-automated response to threats, these include:

  • Social media pages/communities take downs
  • Domains take downs
  • Phishing site take downs
  • Real time moderation and removal of malicious comments/links
Company Products IP IP Addresses Domains Phishing Websites Suspicious Websites Websites Company


  • Scans your online assets regularly – social media networks, web properties, blogs, DNS records, and IP Blacklists
  • Mimics user behavior using browser sandboxing capabilities to prevent defacements
  • Takes mitigating action in real-time
  • Protects your brand and stakeholders

While most breaches are discovered days or even months, after the fact, Argos™ enables you to:

Detect compromised online assets and malicious activity and respond in real time, significantly reducing or even eliminating financial or reputation damage to your organization

Monitor online assets from one central location, increasing the efficiency of your cyber protection efforts

Protect your employees, users, brand, customers and followers

Protect every online asset that lies beyond the perimeter — from sudden and unexpected defacement and phishing attempts, to other malicious activities.

Protect your digital ecosystem including your customers, employees, and followers

Scan your exposure to domain and subdomain hijacking over 10's of cloud providers