Digital Risk Protection

Leveraging targeted threat intelligence


As cyber criminals and hacktivists grow more sophisticated, perimeter-based security technologies are essentially fighting a losing battle. Even the most robust traditional security cannot adequately protect organizations from today’s targeted cyber threats. Only a new approach that revolutionizes your cybersecurity strategy can outsmart the threat actors in the constantly escalating cyber war.

Why Argos™?

CyberInt’s Argos™ Digital Risk Protection Platform is compliant with the world-leading standards in cyber intelligence and follows the entire intelligence lifecycle process (Direction, Collection, Analysis, Dissemination and Review). It utilizes both technology and human resources to monitor your organization’s digital footprint, identifying potential or existing threats threatening your organization’s perimeter or beyond. Argos™ gives you the insights necessary to identify, understand and mitigate attacks before they even penetrate your organization. For our purposes we will focus on the Collection, Analysis and Dissemination stages.



The Collection

During the collection phase, Argos Threat Intelligence platform uses hundreds of web crawlers to scour the open web, deep web and darknet. The crawling is carried out on high profile sites in order to get the most updated and accurate intelligence. These crawler collect indicators that are relevant to our customers. Utilizing avatars (developed and managed) by our analysts to access closed forums to collect highly relevant data.

The collected data is correlated to a dedicated profile which is created for each customer and includes assets such as:

  • Domains and URLs
  • IPs Social media pages
  • Executive names, e-mails and social media accounts.
  • Specific keywords related to the customer, such as:
  • product names and proprietary terms

Argos™, then takes all the collected data and stores it for advanced deep learning and machine learning processing.

Integration & Orchestration

Incidents which offer actionable data are delivered through a user friendly user interface or sent to 3rd party solutions for review. CyberInt augments this as part of our managed service, by providing alerts and reports based on the incidents generated by Argos.


An incident in Argos™ contains the following information: 


Source: the source of the indicator.
Threat actor: the name and background of the threat actor
Date: the date the indicator was published on the site.
Original link: a link to the indicator.
Summary: summary of the content of the indicator and investigation insights.
Mitigations: CyberInt recommendation and mitigation steps.



Generate real-time incidents of targeted attacks, data leakage and stolen credentials compromising your organization

Identify threat actors targeting your organization in real time and provide contextual data about them

Access hundreds of sources – feeds, IRC, dark web, blogs, social media, forums, and paste sites – to collect targeted data

Analyze results with actionable recommendations

Utilize a 10,000-strong entity database of threat actors and tools for attribution and to maximize context

Automate a proven intelligence process

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