Argos™ Cyberscore Vendor Risk Management

Robust cyber security depends on constant vigilance and awareness of vulnerabilities from both within and outside the organization. Cyberscore offers your organization a tool that automatically monitors the level of resilience of you and your vendors, to ensure that you are always ready for any eventuality, no matter where it originates.


Why Monitoring Your
Supply Chain Is Crucial?

You are only as strong as your weakest link. A weak supply chain can ultimately take down your entire organization. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you are resilient to cyber threats from every possible entry point. That means your supply chain,vendors and 3rd party suppliers have to be as resilient as you are. This is where Cyberscore comes in. Cyberscore supplies you with real-time and ongoing indications of any security weaknesses threatening your vendors, partners, or affiliates. It evaluates the current cyber security capabilities of your existing or future vendors.


Within minutes you will be
assigned a score based on
your potential cyber security vulnerabilities.

The Supply Chain Manager

Supply chains are overwhelmingly large and monitoring them on a continuous basis can be a challenge. You know your vendors may put you at risk but you don’t necessarily have the resources to protect yourself. The Cyberscore platform  automates a significant part of monitoring your vendors’ vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.



Along with our CyberOPS team, Cyberscore identifies weaknesses in your vendor’s assets, monitoring the dark web, deep web and open web for any indication of compromise that could affect your supply chain.

Once threats are detected, CyberInt’s managed services enable you to immediately respond and mitigate these threats.

of breaches originate from 3rd party vendors

Cyberscore Features

  • Continuous scanning: Once a scan is run, we can choose to run continuous scans on a daily/weekly basis.
  • 10 categories monitored: There are 10 categories that are monitored by the system and evaluated according to severity, level of significance and frequency of occurrences.
  • Reporting: We present a report once the scan is complete. The user can generate the report as a PDF.
  • Risk calculations: Every event the system assesses is evaluated according to its severity, level of significance and frequency of occurrences. A test result may be “Success” or “Failure”.
  • Trends and tracking: The system can track the history of your reports as well as highlight trends in your industry, and compare your assessment toother companies in your industry.
  • Simple on-boarding: The UI is simple and easy to follow. Simply enter the company name and the system does the rest for you automatically.


Identify cyber security flaws: Cyberscore will seek to expose any and all cyber security flaws that may pose a cyber security risk for your own assets and private data. Exposing these flaws, improves the organization’s cyber resilience.

Validation of Assets: A check is performed in order to ascertain that all assets detected are actually directly related to your organization.

Auto-discovery of the customer’s supply chain’s digital assets.

Provide Industry Benchmark: Compare yourself to other organisations and to the industry benchmark.

How The Score Is Calculated

The supply chain vendor's score is based on the following
categories and each is assigned a calculated score:

Web application security

Are security related HTTP headers in place? Are these headers configured properly to protect from security risks such as MITM and XSS attacks?

Spam servers

Are the organization’s mail servers spread spam? Are the organization’s emails addresses have been compromised and sends spam?


Is this organization protecting itself from TLS/SSL vulnerabilities? Is SSL configured properly?

Social Media

Is this organization protecting itself from malicious activates such as malwares, phishing and impersonations over social media?

Botnet infection

Does this organization have detection and prevention mechanisms to prevent botnet infections?

Potentially exploitable

Are potentially exploitable ports open? Is this organization close unnecessary ports and minimize the attack surface?

Email security

Is this organization protecting itself from email spoofing and phishing attacks? Are SPF and DKIM configurations in place?

Unsafe file sharing

Is peer-to-peer communication to malware infected file sharing communities are being monitored and blocked?


Is the organization’s DNS configurations prevents sensitive information leakage?

The system continually monitors the organization, creating alerts, and observing changes and trends along a timeline. Based on the findings, the organization will uncover any cyber security flaws and be able to improve their cyber resilience against potential cyber-attacks.


Uncover your potential risks today, and find out how we can protect your digital assets.

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