Managed Cloud Security

Security is a major concern for companies in their IT migration to the cloud. CyberInt’s managed cloud security offering provides a robust, holistic and proactive approach to securing their cloud environment with compliance to industry standards and legislation as well as their own IT needs.

A hands-on threat-intelligence enriched security offering is put in place to detect flaws and misconfigurations, and to counter various multi-vector threats.

By delivering ongoing cloud security guidance and assessing existing state maturity, CyberInt’s Managed Cloud Security provides end-to-end protection across complex multi-cloud environments, where holistic security is critical.


  • Solving Cloud Security Pain Points

    • Cloud environment visibility and control are limited Multi-cloud environments make it difficult to monitor data in motion in its entirety. CyberInt’s Managed Cloud Security offers a comprehensive cloud security strategy and established security management auditing at the core of processes, to increase data transparency, visibility and control.


    • Generic and Multiple Guidelines and Legislation Alignment of the cloud infrastructure with internal guidelines is a challenge for any company: hardening, data security, and access control policies traditionally developed for the organization aren’t applicable necessarily or relevant to cloud environments. It only gets worse when data privacy regulations (such as GDPR) come into play.


    • Poor Level of Cyber Expertise and Professionals Cyber security talent availability is already at an all-time deficit. The lack of knowledge and expertise is even more extreme when it comes to cloud security. Finding qualified staff with a right set of technology skills and experience to assist company’s cloud migration is a major challenge.


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  • CyberInt’s Managed Cloud Security Services

    Cloud Security Audit:

    • Identification of misconfigurations and lacking security controls of cloud accounts and in specific services
    • Detailed technical, operation-level reporting
    • Executive and progressive security state reporting

    Cloud Security Expert Services:

    • Cloud Security Assessments
    • Cloud Security Expert Retainer
    • Standby for escalation for cloud incident response
    • Ongoing remediation guidance

    Cloud Security Program:

    • Cloud Security Audit & Expert Services
    • Comprehensive, fully controlled cloud security program (policy, operations, strategy)
    • Swift detection of security flaws and misconfigurations
    • Internal cloud security training
  • Benefits of CyberInt’s Managed Cloud Security

    • Latest cloud security standards through CyberInt’s partnership with Cloud Security Alliance
    • Intelligence and technology driven comprehensive cloud visibility
    • Ongoing auditing and continuous cyber threat context awareness
    • Top cloud security expertise
    • Effective policy compliance