Intelligence Led Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, tests the potential for threat actors to penetrate your assets. Be it on the application level, your infrastructure or through various mobile channels.

CyberInt’s CyberOPS team take a unique approach to penetration testing, an approach that is in line with world leading organizations that regulate professional services in the cybersecurity industry. Our approach incorporates an initial assessment based on threat intelligence, allowing us to identify the possible attack vectors. This is followed by the penetration tests themselves. Our intelligence-led approach to penetration testing replicate the behaviors of real threat actors.

Our CyberOPS team members are highly skilled and are at the forefront of technology and cybersecurity, constantly identifying and analyzing new threats.  Their deep technology experience, established testing methodologies and capabilities of ad hoc development of penetration tools are the ingredients that set us aside from the rest of the industry.

Penetration Testing
  • Our Methodology

    Our CyberOPS team simulate real attack scenarios on your systems, designed to evaluate your controls, according to industry’s best practices and evaluate the impact of a breach on your business. Representing the potential threat to your business and possible mitigations.


    The testing process covers a wide range of vulnerability levels as defined by OWASP and by WASC, from both an external and/or internal attackers’ perspective.


    The amount of information you provide to our CyberOPS team is discretionary, and varies from black box to white box testing. At minimum, the information required is the organization’s official name (registered company name in the case of a company) for black box testing. A gray box test refers to supplying our CyberOPS team with a list of IP addresses or web application URLs of the targets. While white box testing can be performed with greater cooperation from system engineers to include network diagrams, IP addresses, firewall configuration information and the likes.

  • Our Penetration Testing Deliverables Include:

    A short technical video demonstrating the attack scenarios

     A Report providing a technical review of the level of risk presented by the vulnerabilities found and recommendations for remedial work.


    The report contains the following details:

    Classification of risk level

    Description of potential damage from the exploit

    “Steps to hack” (screenshots included)

    “How to mitigate” – Recommendations regarding how to mitigate the vulnerabilities

  • Benefits of Penetration Testing

    Protect your brand’s reputation and maintain customer loyalty.

    Avoid fines while meeting regulatory requirements.

    Proactively quantify and reduce business risk.

    Validate the effectiveness of your security safeguards.

    Get tailored reports to help you prioritize remediation for your business.

  • The Types of Penetration Tests we Offer

    Web Application

    Mobile Application


    Cloud Application