CyberInt’s Managed Detection and Response Services

Cyber attacks always come at the wrong time, no matter how prepared you are, it always feels like you could use a hand in responding to attacks. Of course, detecting an attack materializing is an essential part of any response plan. CyberInt’s managed detection and response services provide a broad set of tools to help you with just that.

Detection & Response Services
  • IRT Maturity Assessment

    The IRT (Incident Response Team) Maturity Assessment service evaluates the effectiveness of your incident detection and incident response capabilities.


    CyberInt’s CyberOPS team will validate the time to detection and time to respond with your SOC. This is done by simulating attack scenarios on your SOC and measuring their responses. The team also validates the maturity of the processes in the company for responding to potential breaches.
    The CyberOPS team will define high-level objectives for the assessment of the detection processes and procedures, incident response and analysis.


    The CyberOPS team will review the Incident Response Documentation, and:
     Provide a thorough documentation of the security incident response activities, both pre and post investigation.
     Provide data metrics and indications of the level of effectiveness of the existing countermeasures.
     Details of the response processes and KPIs, to ultimately identify what people, processes, or technologies hindered or enhanced the response goals.
     Improvement points based on root causes analysis of the incidents, including measurable goals from past incidents to improve response processes in the future.


    The CyberOPS team will also review the process and controls of the organization that include:
    Controls to get the right data from the right controls, which are both signature-based and signature-less.
     The required context of the fusion between controls data and the business, the threats and risks, so that incident priority is accurately determined.
    An aggregation of all controls and context(s) visibility, so that incidents can be managed with complete transparency.

  • SIEM Enhancement

    Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) have become an essential part of most cybersecurity defense architectures. SIEMs provide advanced security analytics for identifying threats and managing risk, so that you can protect your business. However, if these findings are not utilized well, they become useless components that don’t provide value.


    CyberInt’s CyberOPS team will enhance the effectiveness of your SIEM foundations. This is done by implementing and integrating various IT systems which are not currently working with the SIEM. Enabling a baseline on which a comprehensive SOC program may be developed to streamline IT security incident handling.


    As part of the SIEM enhancement process, CyberInt will utilize past experience and ready-made configuration settings to enable quick and evident SIEM enhancements. Allowing you to be able to quickly adapt new systems and processes, while fulfilling your security program’s core mission.

  • Response Team

    Our CyberOPS team acts as an extension of your cybersecurity team when the needs arises. In the event of a breach or a targeted attack against your business, our CyberOPS team steps in to support your efforts in dealing with the incident. As part of your response, our teams provide you with substantial visibility, that includes:


    • Log collection, understand the flow of the attack, what happened and where.
    • Analyze the configuration of the endpoints involved.


    Malware Analysis
    • Malware analysis in our CyberLABs, to understand the tool’s capabilities.


    Cyber Intelligence Investigations

    • Investigate the threat actors, groups and campaigns involved.



  • Managed SOC

    24/7/365 continuous monitoring and incident management by security specialists. Providing contextual threat intelligence and enabling response through a dashboard allowing actionable and prioritized alerts, collaboration and quick mitigation guidance. The managed SOC service is built on existing foundation, leveraging your existing investments to provide immediate value and visibility.