Company Overview

CyberInt was founded in 2010 to offer a sophisticated, intelligent solution to the emerging trend of cyber threats being faced by businesses in the online space. Today this threat is even more prevalent in the face of accelerated digital transformation where, more than ever, businesses vulnerable to far greater risks and threats within and beyond their perimeters. 

We stay well ahead of hackers and eliminate potential threats before they become crises by deploying the Argos™ Multi-tenant SaaS Platform and its targeted, highly automated Managed Detection and Response technology. CyberInt’s holistic, end-to-end MDR service spans the globe, serving some of the top retail, e-commerce, finance and telecommunications organizations in the world. Using advanced research and simulation of attacks from the threat actor’s perspective, CyberInt provides highly automated real time responses and powerful, validated alerts.  

CyberInt has been recognized as the provider of an advanced DRP solution by Forrester, was named by Gartner as an innovator in securing digital businesses and was selected by Deloitte as a Fast 50 company.  



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Why CyberInt?

CyberInt protection helps you eliminate potential threats before they become crises. We examine all your online activities and digital assets from an attacker’s perspective. Based on this in depth understanding, and using automated, machine learning responses refined by human analysts, we provide managed detection and response services. Leveraging the ArgosTM real time digital risk protection platform with managed services such as mSOC, threat hunting, deep dive investigations, real time incident response, and risk and business impact assessments, CyberInt provides holistic end-to-end protection for digital businesses in retail, eCommerce, gaming and financial industries.  

CyberInt protects your business by looking at all your online activities and assets from an attacker’s perspective. At CyberInt, we think like hackers to provide you with highly automated real time responses and powerful, validated alerts in the face of targeted cyber threats.