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Digitalization is Changing our Threat Landscape
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Managed Targeted Detection and Response

Discover Digital Assets
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  • Email
  • DNS
  • Social Media
  • Supply Chain
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  • Threat Intelligence
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Automated Response
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  • Threat Management
  • Response Team
  • Investigations
  • Site/App Take Down
  • Email Removal
  • Comment Removal
  • Disconnect From Vendors With Poor Security

What We Do

In today’s world of digital transformation, organizations are increasingly open to attack from beyond their perimeters, as threat actors are gaining in sophistication and becoming more successful every day. CyberInt provides multilayered, real-time cyber protection in an environment where new and costly threats are constantly emerging.   

CyberInt stays well ahead of hackers, deploying the Argos™ Multi-tenant SaaS Platform and its targeted, highly automated Managed Detection and Response technology. CyberInt’s MDR service spans the globe, serving some of the top retail, e-commerce, finance and telecommunications organizations in the world.  

Our expertise in cyber intelligence and protection of all online activities is based on automated, machine learning responses refined by human analysts for optimal effectiveness.   

We provide holistic, end-to-end real time digital risk protection employing managed services such as mSOC, threat hunting, deep dive investigations, real time incident response as well as risk and business impact assessments. 

Long before your vulnerabilities are exposed, we step into the cyber attacker’s shoes, monitor all your digital assets and activities, and stop the threat before it materializes. CyberInt helps you to ensure secure digital interactions with your customers, and minimize the impact on your bottom line and brand reputation.  



Over the last year, CyberInt has helped us re-enforce our defences, improve our detection and response capability and help us reduce our fraud with their detection and response capabilities, in both the technology that they offer and their experienced teams.

Cliff Cohen, CIO, ASOS

CyberInt helps us monitor thousand of events per second on social media and other channels. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately.

Ramon Jocson, Executive Vice President, Bank of the Philippine Islands

Given CyberInt's exposure to global best practices on security and brand protection for the financial industry, CyberInt provides us with brand protection and Social listening services tailored to our needs as we grow our digital footprint and expand our digitalization efforts to improve our services to BPI’s clients.

D'Artagnan M. Aguilar Vice President Institutional Branding, Digital and Media Management Bank of the Philippine Islands

CyberInt provided us with a more comprehensive understanding of our cyber risks which allowed us to design a more robust solution. Today, Playtika is reaping the benefits and advancing in all security matters, and we will continue to see more as all the projects continue. CyberInt is considered a trusted asset to our Company's overall security.

Ella Vidra, Director of IT Operations, Playtika

CyberInt Holistic Offering

  • Multilangual Analyst Team
  • Global Response 24/7
  • Proactive Alerting & Mitigation
  • Long Term Partnership
CyberInt Holistic Offering<
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Attacker View
Attacker View
Red / Purple team Inteligence-led Pentesting
Incident Response
Incident Response
Threat hunting
Deep investigation
Deep investigation
Virtual huminet
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Take downs
Immidiate mitigation
Business impact
Business impact
Situational awareness

Integration & Orchestration

Integration & Orchestration Integration & Orchestration
Integration & Orchestration Integration & Orchestration
Integration & Orchestration Integration & Orchestration